Document & Statement Redesign and eStatement Examples

Consumer Finance Invitation to Apply (ITA) Letter Redesign    

Problem:  We were tasked with creating a fresh, new letter option for their loan-by-mail campaign that would perform better than the existing letter they had been using.

Solution:  We developed one letter option that was highly graphic and engaging and seasonally themed. The outer envelope was a full-color, full-bleed print and convert in order to grab the attention of the recipient.

Statement Redesign

Problem:  A statement redesign was going to be pitched to the client and we were asked to help produce visual representations of what could be done to take their statements to the next level.

Solution:  The statement was redesigned to allow for a billboard panel and existing elements were revised to promote ease-of-viewing for customers. 

eStatement Migration  

Problem:  In migrating to eStatements, our customers were accustomed to antiquated interfaces that were not user friendly. Most were simply electronic PDF presentments of the statement, with no functionality, and no interface for the bank or the customer to manage the statements.

Solution:  SourceLink worked with programmers and designers to re-create the entire eStatement experience for our clients. The interface allowed customers to access current and past statements in an attractive interface, and facilitated email communications and reporting for administrative use

Statement Redesign

Problem:  Our team needed a mockup of a statement that had an updated look and feel in order to make a pitch to the client demonstrating our capabilities.

Solution:  A statement design was offered that aligned with the client's current branding while offering their customers detailed looks into their statement and spending habits.

Statement Redesign - Dayton Power & Light

Problem:  The team at Dayton Power & Light were looking for a more user-friendly statement that used color to highlight important facets of the customer's bill. 

Solution:  SourceLink worked with the DP&L team to fully overhaul the look and feel of their customer statements, and developed a 17-point hierarchy of customer information to be highlighted on the bill.

Statement Redesign - Indiana Power & Light

Problem:  Our client, Indiana Power & Light approached us with a need for a redesigned statement. They also wanted to migrate to low-cost color and stay within their budget.

Solution:  SourceLink worked with the team to redesign their customer-facing communications to include color and branding throughout the piece and make the communication easier to parse important information.